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Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct for Students
Each student must register in the College Office the address of the legal guardian with whom she / he resides in Kaptipada.
Bicycles and two-wheelers must be locked and parked in the cycle stands.
Students wishing to take Transfer Certificates, Mark Lists and Conduct Certificates are required to apply to the Principal. For      duplicate conduct certificates a fee of Rs. 2/- per certificate will be charged.
Once a student is allowed a group of subjects, he / she will not ordinarily be allowed to change it. Under exceptional      circumstances only the Principal may allow the change within two weeks or within the period prescribed by the Council of Higher      Secondary Education after the last date of admission.
Students of the college are forbidden to belong to any club or society which is not approved by the Government bodies.
When a match is to be played outside Kaptipada, members of the team and students who wish to accompany the team must      obtain leave of absence from the Principal, before leaving the headquarters.
No club or association should be formed in the College without the approval of the Principal.
Any breach of discipline may be punished by a fine, by expulsion or by rustication.
Every student must secure 75% of attendance in General and Practical classes prescribed by the College. Condonation may be      granted only in exceptional cases when a student secures attendance between 60% and 74%.
Students must bring their college identity cards everyday to the college.
Students are required to attend proctorial classes scheduled to be held on last Saturday of every month.
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