Kaptipada College Nuasahi

Mayurbhanja, Odisha
Higher Secondary Arts
Strength Compulsory Electives
512 English (Eng.) Modern Indian Language (MIL) Oriya (Or), Hindi (Hn)/  Sans (Sn), Alternative English (AE), Environmental Education.  
A student has to opt for either Or or Hn  or Sn or A.E. as subject for MIL and any one of the combinations of subjects as mentioned below :-
Allotted Combinations :
Section - A Strength
Eco, Log, Anth, Psy  
Eco, PSc, Anth, Log  
PSc, Hist/Math Anth, Log  
Eco, Psy, Hist/Math, Soc  
Eco, Psy, PSc, Log  
Edn, Hist, PSc, Soc  
Eco, Psc Soc, Log  
Eco, Hist/Math. PSc, Log  
Eco, Math, St, Log  
PSc, Hist, Geog, Edn  
Eco, Hist/Math, Log, IT  
Eco, Math, PSc, IT  
Hist, PSc, Mus, Log  
Eco, PSc, Hist, Log  
Sn/Or/Hn, Eco, Hist, Log  
Sn/Or/Hn, Hist, Log, PSc  
Sn/Or/Hn, Log, PSc, Eco  
Sn/Or/Hn, PSc, Eco, Hist  
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