Kaptipada College Nuasahi

Mayurbhanja, Odisha
The College mainly depends on the Government Grants to meet the expenses towards salary of the staff, development and maintenance of infrastructure. It generates funds to the tune of Rs. 9,00,000/- annually through its Computer Science self-financing course. Besides, the college receives a sum of Rupees 15,00,000/- as Plan Assistance, and an additional Annual Autonomy Grant of Rupees 7,00,000/ from the University Grants Commission.

The college collects approximately Rupees 30,00,000/- annually from its students by way of fees for development, examination, and other allied activities. The college also receives a minor amount by lending its premises to various authorized institutions including the IGNOU Study Centre, the Computer Point, and the Flagship Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for conducting their courses and examinations.
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